Advertising Specs

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Image Dimensions

When submitting creative, please use the following banner ad specifications:

Ad Network Display Ads
Leaderboard - 728x90, Big Box - 300x250, Interstitial - 800x600 or 600x400

Booking Engine
Custom Banner - 500x90

Email Newsletter Ads
Big Box - 300x250, Leaderboard - 728x90

Email Confirmation Ads
Leaderboard - 570x90, Banner - 270x90

File Types

aRes Travel accepts site-served file types (.swf, .gif, .jpeg), enabled to serve in a secure environment (https://).

Animated ads should have a maximum animation time of 15 seconds and no more than 3 loops. Note: animated .gifs not accepted for email confirmation advertising.

File Size

Maximum of 30k for banner, leaderboard, and big box ads. Maximum of 80k for interstitial and custom banner ads.


Headline - 25 character limit
Body - Up to three lines, 90 character limit

Be sure to include an engaging call to action, your logo and/or company/affiliation name. These ads will only redirect to one URL.

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