New Market Product Development

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Investing in Our Affiliates

In-market support and service is the key difference when working with aRes Travel. Our Market Managers work closely with our affiliates to define a targeted strategy and are responsible for maximizing revenues and gross profits through the aRes Travel Network. With strong backgrounds in hospitality, market managers work closely with partner hotels, attractions, suppliers, and affiliates to educate your supplier market to provide your desired in-market products to sell through your website.

How Our Market Managers Maximize Profits

  • Develop custom products including hotel and attraction/activity packages and deals to feature member travel suppliers.
  • Provide dedicated in-house Marketing to manage featured ranking to maximize conversions for affiliates.
  • As a consultant, offer new marketing solutions through our custom merchandising programs which include deals, packages, preferred margins, rankings, and best practice solutions.
  • Train hotels and attractions on the benefits and technical system (such as loading inventory when needed) of the aRes Travel booking engine’s advanced features.

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