The aResTravel Extranet

aResTravel affiliates have access to the expansive aResTravel Network. Sell any of our supplier partner’s products, from hotel stays to tickets for local attractions, on your site. Turn your website into a powerful tool able to handle your customer’s business trip or vacation, all in one place

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Becoming part of the aRes Travel Network allows you to sell air, hotel, car rental, attractions, event, and activity inventory from our supplier partners in dynamic packages, directly from your website - effectively creating a one-stop shop for your customers. While you see measurable sales growth, our supplier partners enjoy increased exposure through the aRes Travel Network.

A true win-win situation.

Be in control of the products you sell with HotelGeneral, the aResTravel Extranet

Complete control of products

Have 100% control over which products are sold on your site and the ranking of each.

Unique packaging options

Create unique hotel-specific packages by including attractions, events, and more. This opaque presentation allows you to sell tailored offers at discounted rates without competing with existing public rates.