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To better serve our partners and potential partners, the following is a list of frequently asked questions.

  • Affiliate Program

    • Q: What is the aRes Travel Affiliate Program?
    • A: The aRes Travel Affiliate Program is an eCommerce platform designed for the travel and tourism industry including Destination Marketing Organizations (DMO) Convention & Visitors Bureaus (CVB) owners of travel websites, and world-famous attractions to sell online travel through their werbsite. The "affiliate" shares in the revenue earned by online travel booking engine sales on their site in the form of a commission. Read more about the aRes Affiliate Program.
    • Q: What makes aRes Travel different than other online travel booking engine providers?
    • A: aRes Travel offers the industry-leading, private-label booking engine powering online reservations and ticketing transactions for the travel and tourism industry. We provide hotels, Convention & Visitors Bureaus (CVB), Destination Marketing Organizations (DMO), attractions of all sizes, and destination websites with fully integrated eCommerce booking capabilities.

      aRes Travel affiliates have access to the expansive aRes Travel Network, and can sell any of our supplier partners’ products, from hotel stays to tickets for local attractions, on their site. They turn their websiteinto a powerful tool able to handle their customers’ entire business trips or vacations in one place.

      But what truly sets aRes Travel apart from the competition is our commitment to building your brand. While our competitors only set up their booking engine and wish you well, we open up access to our experienced marketing and design team. We don’t just hand out a cookie-cutter website with color options or references, we help transform your site into your vision. We create innovative campaigns and strategies based on accurate consumer insights that drive traffic to your website and increase your bookings.

      All backed by our high-touch, expert account management team who leverage a wealth of industry knowledge and unmatched client service to assist our affiliates as they achieve greater online success.

    • Q: What does it cost to become an aRes Travel Affiliate?
    • A: Because we are a private label, customizable booking engine supplier, we provide significantly more support and individual service to our Affiliates than the other big name booking engines. Depending on the type of website you manage and your marketing budget, a low implementation fee (if any) may apply. aRes Travel works with organizations who have a marketing plan and budget to support and drive traffic to the website. The marketing commitment from the partner will offset the significant costs that aRes Travel incurs to develop a custom booking engine widget(s), booking engine template(s), in-market hotel and attraction contracting, 800 toll free number, call center integration, training and ongoing account management.
    • Q: What types of clients does aRes Travel work with?
    • A: aRes Travel works with a highly comprehensive group of travel and tourism groups from a wide variety of categories. Here are just a few:
      • Arts & Culture
      • Attractions & Theme Parks
      • Business Improvement Districts
      • Chamber of Commerce
      • Convention & Visitors Bureaus
      • DMO's
      • Ecotourism
      • GeoDomains
      • Regional Tourism Offices
      • Meeting Planners
      • Spa & Resorts
      • Sports
      • State Tourism Offices
      • Travel Websites
      • Transportation Companies
      • Visitor Information Centers

      See a partial list of our partners here.

  • Group Housing & Overflow FAQ’s

    • Q: How do I contact aRes Travel for Group Housing and Group Overflow services?
    • A: Contact Wayne Blum in our Group Sales Department directly at 888-559-2570.
    • Q: Do third party housing companies receive commissions on bookings?
    • A: No, all reservations are booked through our normal channels and all commissions are paid back to aRes Travel.
    • Q: Do we pay Affiliate Commission on these reservations?
    • A: Yes, all reservation will fall under the existing aRres Travel contract with the Affiliate.
    • Q: What are the costs to the Affiliate?
    • A: There are no costs to the Affiliate or Meeting Planner for this service.
    • Q: Do we set up special blocks for groups?
    • A: No, all rates and inventory are pulled from our Extranet or GDS and is the same as what we use for the general public.
    • Q: Can a hotel offer a special block for a conference?
    • A: No, rates and inventory are pulled through our normal channels only. If a hotel works with us through the Extranet, they can adjust rates in the Extranet for the group, but that rate would be available throughout the aRes Travel Network.
    • Q: Is there a minimum number group size to be able to use this service?
    • A: No, this service is available for any size group, from single property to full citywide conventions.
    • Q: Do we work with the Affiliate, Housing Company or Group contact?
    • A: aRes Travel Group Housing department works with whoever the Affiliate designates. Each Affiliate requirements are unique. (Example, DMO “A”, aRes Travel works with the Affiliate where DMO “B”, aRes Travel works with the Housing Company or client)
    • Q: How long does it take to set up a group link?
    • A: Setup is a simple process and any of the Account Managers can set this up within hours.
    • Q: How are reservations and attendees tracked for the group?
    • A: aRes Travel will provide a weekly and final rooming list as well as a day-by-day pick up report at the conclusion of the convention.
    • Q: Can the group booking engine be branded to the convention?
    • A: The header can be branded to the group if provided a secure image URL that will not interfere with the check out process of the aRes Travel booking engine.
    • Q: If guests have questions about the convention or previous reservations with housing blocks, who do they contact?
    • A: Guest can call the dedicated telephone number and aRes Travel call center agents have been given general information telephone numbers for the group and housing department. They can direct the guest to the appropriate department.
    • Q: What do I do if the Affiliate, Housing Company or Group contact has questions that I cannot answer?
    • A: Direct all questions to the Affiliate Support Team at support@arestravelinc.com

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