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A Customized Vacation Experience

The highly anticipated arrival of aRes Travel booking engine product, Experiential Packaging is here! The aRes Travel team has worked hard to get the new product into the hands of our affiliates, and we certainly are excited to show it off!

What is Experiential Packaging?

A highly customized vacation experience with the consumer in control.

  • Customers are able to choose their "experience", whether they want a romantic getaway to the Wine Country, a family vacation to your favorite theme parks, or one of hundreds of others, all uniquely destination specific.

The consumer is guided through an interactive package customizer tool to shape their vacation to fit their needs.

The consumer can:

  • Select a hotel based on the specific criteria the customer defines.
  • Select the appropriate number of attractions or activity tickets featured within that package.
  • View optional add-on tickets to complete the uniquely customized vacation experience!

What's the big deal?

Experiential packaging is a game changer for online travel packaging. aRes Travel is well known for unique booking engine packaging combining hotels with attraction and activity products. Many of our affiliate partners are in destinations where the majority of customers drive to their city from within a 500-mile radius. These customers are looking for a package that does not include airfare or a rental car — a required choice through most online travel site packaging offers. The affiliate's consumer wants to experience the city's unique activities and attractions, the draw for people to visit the destination. They want to stay at a hotel that also meets their unique needs. Experiential packaging allows for the flexibility to create a total trip experience and more!

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