TripAdvisor® Integration

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Trip Advisor Integration

Harness the TripAdvisor® Power of Ratings and Reviews

Recent reports reveal that 60 percent of consumers are influenced by other traveler’s online reviews.

Social media continues to evolve the way we use the internet. Travelers increasingly view their fellow travelers as the source of honest and reliable information during the travel planning phase. Great customer feedback can be the deciding factor in making a purchase. aRes Travel's integration of TripAdvisor® ratings and reviews with our booking engine products gives you the ability to leverage the distinct influence word of mouth holds in travel planning and bookings.

TripAdvisor® ratings and reviews are displayed on our Travel Network product pages and throughout the booking process - where their full sale-making potential can be realized. A recent survey found adding user reviews to e-commerce websites resulted in an increase in conversions for 56% of the sites, traffic increased 77%, and the average shopping cart basket increased for 42%*.

We provide this as a free service to our DMO and CVB partners, so there's no reason not to take advantage of this invaluable tool.

Whether your customers are business or leisure travelers, the reviews they find on TripAdvisor® provide a valuable resource of trusted advice. Isn’t it time to let your customers help sell for you?

If you’re interested in integrating TripAdvisor® with your product, please contact your account manager .

*Survey conducted by e-consultancy/Bazaarvoice with 360 e-commerce websites.

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