Advertising Opportunities

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Advertising Network

Display ads can be placed through the aRes Advertising Network on our publisher sites and on, providing a travel focused advertising landscape. These runs can be network-wide or focused to a set of sites based upon your specific criteria. All placements can be adjusted during the life of the campaign to maximize your advertising dollars.

Booking Engine

aRes Travel provides a unique opportunity to engage consumers throughout the booking process by placing advertisements in our booking engine. This interaction is highly valuable, as it occurs while the consumer is making travel decisions and looking to purchase. Your ads can be placed in the markets where they will be the most relevant and provide the greatest returns.

Email Confirmation Page

After a customer has booked their travel, they receive an email confirmation of their purchase. Within this email is an opportunity to upsell the customer with special offers and additional add-ons for their visit. Banner ad placement for the email confirmation page is located after the reservation confirmation information.

Email Newsletter

aRes Travel distributes a bi-monthly email newsletter with travel tips, travel deals, and packages. Advertisers can use the deals and packages sections to further promote their product or property. The newsletter also contains dedicated ad space for complimentary conversion opportunities.

See the full listing of aRes Advertising Network advertising specs.

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