aRes Advertising Network Overview

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Why choose the aRes Advertising Network?

aRes Travel has been partnering with convention and visitors bureaus, destination marketing organizations, and world famous hotels and attractions for over 17 years. This gives us unparalleled associations with online travel and tourism media channels – more than 350 websites - in major vacation destinations.

In addition to participating on the websites in our network, targeted ad placements can be made in the booking engine of these highly qualified travel sites in both pre-sale and post-sale locations. By doing so, the aRes Advertising Network offers a unique and exclusive opportunity to capture visitors during the online shopping and purchase process as a premium introduction for your product.

aRes Travel only works with these trusted publisher’s to place ad buys, guaranteeing quality clicks throughout every campaign.

aRes Advertising Network Demographics

Campaigns tailored for greater returns

With a network of local, regional, and national publishers, the aRes Advertising Network ensures you reach the right audience for your business. Once a campaign is launched, it is optimized to run on hand selected publisher channels that are returning top results. This fine tuning ensures our advertisers get the most out of their advertising dollars.

The aRes Advertising Network is powered by CheckM8 Advantage, a technology-focused, independent ad serving solution provider for online publishers. CheckM8 provides a vital, innovative advertising infrastructure in the digital media landscape and is a leading IAB-compliant ad management platform.

Working with CheckM8 allows the aRes Advertising Network to target against any combination of geography, dayparting, bandwidth, operating system, browser type, and frequency to further maximize your campaign returns.

Advertising Options

Banner Display
Email Newsletter Sponsorships and Ad Placement
Confirmation Email Placements
Client Dedicated Email
Off-line / Call Center Promotions
See the full listing of aRes Advertising Network advertising specs.

Up to the minute, detailed reporting

Our secure, robust reporting is updated every few minutes, allowing aRes Travel to provide advertisers with custom, on the fly reports on all statistics associated with their campaigns. These reports include impressions served, clicks generated, click-through rates, and total budget spent along with other information used to optimize campaigns in real time.

aRes Travel’s reporting provides us in depth analysis on all aspects of Publisher, campaign, or Advertiser performance and gives aRes Travel insight into the best ways to serve each. Reports can be customized to your requirements and generated in PDF, Excel, CSV, and HTML formats.

In addition to the aRes Advertising Network internal reporting we provide, Publishers and Advertisers are also encouraged to provide their 3rd party impression tracking pixels and post-tracking pixels for their added benefit.

Get started today!

For more information on joining the aRes Advertising Network please contact or fill out the inquiry form.

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